Wednesday, 27 December 2006

A drastic approach to New Year's Resolutions

very year I make the same resolution and inevitably break it by about February (once I made it all the way to March!). I really do need to lose weight and it is really annoying me now. But how can I make sure that this time I go the distance and reach my goal?

By doing something drastic, like aiming to run a marathon in early 2008.

Yes, this is my novel way of sticking with it and keep focused on the task. In fact, you might have noticed that the goal isn’t directly to lose weight, but this should follow as a result of all the training I’ll have to do. So I can keep focused on the marathon training and the weight loss should follow.

Why a marathon? Why not, say, a half marathon? Or something less exhausting? Well, to be honest it is because I am a huge Disney fan and I really want to run in next year’s Disney marathon. It is in Florida and the course takes runners through all four Disney parks, which is motivating all on its own. Also, Florida is pretty flat and the weather is not humid in January so the conditions are ideal. In other words, it is an ideal beginner’s marathon and I would feel like I didn’t try hard enough if I simply went for the half.

So the last few days I’ve been starting my training. I am not a runner but a good walker and I can use that to launch my training. It does mean that I will have to spend a few more hours a week training and a few less hours a week scrapping but something’s gotta give somewhere, right?

Do you think I’ve gone nuts? Don’t worry, so do I. But this idea is so crazy that it must work. Besides the weight loss and improved fitness, I hope to have the satisfaction that, this time, I stuck with it – and I get a vacation out of it to boot!

Also, by blogging I’ve now told the world so I’ve doubly committed myself. It’s harder to keep resolutions if you don’t tell anyone. That way, if you fail, no one will know. But by making my resolution public it means that now I have to do it or else fail spectacularly and publicly. I certainly wouldn’t want that!

Wish me luck... I need all the encouragement I can get.

PS. I'll keep you informed in this blog as to my progress so keep checking back!


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