Thursday, 19 April 2007

Having it all

Why is it that scrappers feel that they must “have it all”? Not only do I mean “all” as in career, kids, etc but more like everything that is out there and available for sale in stash-land. You know, the papers, the embellishments, the tools, the bags, the cardstock…

I know I keep talking about this but I just can’t bring myself to shop, shop, shop like nearly everyone else seems to. For one, I sometimes feel that scrapping stuff is quite over-priced (especially in the UK) so I have to really, really justify the purchase to myself before I commit. And I’m talking about justifying the purchase of a set of brads – not even something more expensive!

The other thing is that I know that I won’t use some things. I don’t buy stash specifically for pages (that would be TOO organized) but I do know my style well enough to know that I will never really have any use for any die cutting machines. Or those enormous chipboard embellishments that are everywhere at the moment – gorgeous as they indeed are – they are just not my style. So why buy them if I know that I actually won’t use them?

Paper and cardstock are special cases. I of course use quite a lot of them but I rarely buy them these days. If I do it’s a case of SERIOUS love or I have specific plans for the papers. I know that I have an Artbin full of cardstock so surely one of those sheets will be suitable for my project, whatever it is? Why do I need to buy more? I don’t feel that things have to totally match so if I need a shade of red, for example, I make do with the red that I already have – just like it was in the old days when hundreds of cardstock shades just simply didn’t exist.

Using embellishments is another challenge – I am terrible at buying them because I can never imagine how to use them. When I do end up buying something I either forget I have it until it’s too late or I go on a ribbon-binge (for example) and use lots of it until I’m sick of the sight of it. Then I don’t use it for months, until I pick the box up again and go nuts all over again…

So there. I’m terrible at buying stash. I used to subscribe to a kit which gave me only embellishments and that was great. I actually stopped it because I ended up with far too many embellies, and now I need to use the things! All of this means that I find that I don’t need to buy anything, that I’m happy with the stash I have and that I don’t need anything more. I have enough stash, bags and tools to keep me going for years! I even take pleasure in using papers that have been in my stash for years - all those SEI papers, for example. I loved them when I bought them and I still love them, so why not use them? Only because new ranges are out there doesn't mean that I can't hang on to my trusted "classic" papers.

So why do other scrappers feel that they have to own it all? Do they really use it all on layouts or is it simply for stroking?


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