Monday, 19 September 2011

Is there anything good about the colder weather?

There is a definite chill in the air: a change of season is upon us and fall is on its way to be followed by dreary winter and months of cold, dark and rain.

I rarely welcome the coming of fall because it means that the weather gets colder and colder, something that I definitely don’t enjoy. But instead of whining about how I hate the cold, how I miss the sun and how I can’t bear to have to dress like an eskimo, I am going to try a different approach. I need to focus on the positive side of this colder weather, so for example things like these:

October moons
Admittedly, this one is short lived but it is an awesome and spectacular sight: there are fewer sights as beautiful as the sight of the full moon in October. I’m sure there is a perfectly sound reason for this amazing sight but it doesn’t make it any less spectacular.

Harvest vegetables
The fall is also the time of year when one can find the tastiest, yummiest vegetables which also happen to be my favorites: sweet potatos, butternut squash and sweetcorn. These three are delicious, good for you and at their absolute best at this time of year.

Fall TV shows
The summer tv schedule is full of utter shite, too much reality tv or a bunch of re-runs. Now that the summer is over, all the great stuff I like to watch is trickling back: Glee, Desperate Housewives, An Idiot Abroad, QI, Mock the Week and other great shows. Yay!

With the colder weather comes the need to dress warmly. In general I much prefer summer clothes but I do find that I look smarter in the winter. Skirts, tights, boots and layers all look dressy and can be put together too look quite funky too. An added bonus is that when I get my clothes out from storage, invariably I find more than one garment that I’d forgotten about, which feels almost as good as getting new clothes.

Surprise money
Another thing that comes out of storage is all my coats and jackets which of course I haven’t worn in a few months. More often than not I find money in the pockets of a coat and THAT feels so good that for a few moments I actually love the change of seasons!

What are your favorite things about fall and winter?


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