Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This one's MY baby!

Let's play this game again: here's a recent photo of Jessica (aged 1):

And here is one of me, roughly the same age:

So who does she look like now? Shall we consider this game over?

Friday, 19 March 2010

The slow run to the castle starts here

Last January I signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon which takes place in September. I was very well organized: I booked the race, the flights and even a place to stay. I’ve told all my friends and am hoping that at least some of them can join me that weekend. I’ve even had thoughts as to what I’ll be wearing on the day!

However, there is one thing I haven’t done. I haven’t been for a run in MONTHS.

Sure, I’ve been to dance classes, dabbled in cross training, even messed around with weights. But no real running outside, for any considerable length of time.

How do I expect to complete a half marathon in 24 short weeks if I don’t train?

Thing is, I tried to start training in January. But the weather was awful (cold, snow, ice) so there was no chance of doing it outside. I have also been incredibly busy at work so fitting in a gym visit at lunchtime wasn’t really working out. Then I got a really terrible cold that meant I could barely breathe and THEN I went and hurt my knee really badly which then meant I had to do my R.I.C.E. for weeks… While I was resting I tried to find my training plan to re-familiarize myself with it but remembered that I only had one digital copy and that was on the work laptop which had been stolen a few weeks before.

So those are my excuses. But no more. Even though I am on the verge of getting another cold and even though my knee is still a little bit fragile, training starts Monday. I have a 24 week training plan (I had to go and re-create it from scratch, as it is a combination of a few standard training plans available) and this plan needs to start Monday in order for me to be on track. I am a bit obsessive about following a training plan; it gives me focus and really works in terms of motivation.

In order to add accountability to all this, I am blogging about my resolve – which means now that you all know, you are entitled to nag me about getting my butt out and running! And feel free to do so often, seriously.

I know that in a couple of weeks the training schedule will become a part of my routine and I won’t need quite so much cheerleading. I also have a couple of new items in my running wardrobe that I can’t wait to wear, so that will keep me happy. Another plus is that the weather is improving so it is actually a pleasure to get out for an hour or two and just enjoy the hazy sunshine (or lack of rain at least). I will also be adding a bunch of new Disney songs to my running playlist to keep me motivated and focused on the end goal. I will start my fundraising soon too, which always makes me feel like I now have an obligation to all those people that have given me money.

If only my knee trouble would go away, then I wouldn’t be so scared of going out there and really kicking some asphalt…


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