Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Copacabana: mystery solved

It is no secret (perhaps it should be!) that I really like Barry Manilow's music. So I was listening to Copacabana for the millionth time today and I remembered something I've pondered for a long time: why can't anyone figure it out?

If you know the story - and you know you do - we have Lola and her boyfriend Tony who both work at the Copacabana. Rico turns up, starts flirting with Lola and the boys fight. Then "there was blood and a single gunshot, but just who shot who?"

This is the part I don't get. I mean, it works out as a lovely rhyme but it really shouldn't be that difficult to work out who shot who! There was a single gunshot and we know from the song that Lola "lost her Tony" so surely Rico shot Tony. Another possibility could be that both guys ended up dead, in which case the body that has the GSW was shot by the other one (and in that case, how did the non-shot person die? Punched to death?)

For some reason EVERY time I listen to this song I end up a bit cross with it because it's so obvious to me what happened! Or am I missing something?


PS. YES I should really be spending my time thinking of less trivial things but that's what happens when all I have to think about is baby stuff...

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DisneyFan said...

Hi Claudia! I know you probably don't know me, but I used to hang around the Disney Running forum under DisneyFan1975, and I've always liked reading your blog! Today, I have an answer for you. There is a movie version of Copacabana, and in that, it explains who shot Tony. There is a final fight where Rico is about to shoot Tony and Lola steps in and wrestles the gun away from Rico. In the process of getting the gun away, once it is in Lola's hands, it goes off, shooting Tony and killing him. So, it is Lola who kills her love--which would explain why she's always drinking herself half blind and is apparently wearing the same dress. Now, in the musical version, they give it a happy ending where Rico dies and Lola and Tony live happily ever after. Hope that clears things up! Take care!


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