Thursday, 8 June 2006

Vacation scrapping - what's that all about?

The holiday season truly is upon us (for you Americans, I mean the vacation season, right?) and I for one can’t wait to get going.

We’ve got a few short breaks and then a nice long holiday booked: few days in Oslo, Norway during August, then another few days in Jersey, Channel Islands during September and finally the biggie: two lovely weeks in Florida in November. YAY!

Lately I’ve been reading posts on scrapping forums about die-hard scrappers that scrap while they are on vacation. At risk of sounding weird, I just don’t get that! Vacations are times to unwind, to get away from it all and booking a crop at my vacation spot just doesn’t seem very fair to my family. I can crop anytime but the time on holiday with the family is surely more precious.

I may be getting the completely wrong impression but I just don’t really get it. So do those holiday scrappers carry stash and tools with them? I have enough trouble fitting my hairdryer and shoes into my bags – plus I also have to pack all of my little boy’s stuff so don’t need to look for more things to pack. When do you get a minute? Maybe my vacations are more hectic than most but I find I scarcely have time to sit and read a book, let alone sit and work on a layout. Plus, scrapbooking isn’t really an outside thing, and as the weather in the UK is pretty much always bad, it’s nice to spend time outside when we go to places with nice weather.

Am I missing the point somewhere?

I do of course try to set some time for stash shopping if we’re somewhere like Florida but I don’t even want to take time away from other more enjoyable pursuits like visiting the theme parks or shopping at the Gap or even eating out.

I think vacations are for taking photos – not sitting down gluing them onto paper.

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