Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I could have scrapped all night...

I came back from Scrap-a-ganza Holland with around 10kg worth of new stash – and I consider myself a restrained scrapper. The bulk of the new stuff came from class kits. They were pretty generous (some more than others) but honestly, I can’t complain.

In most kits not only did I get enough to complete the project but also enough to do a few more layouts or at least enough to embellish a fair few extra layouts. Everything in the photo below either came from a kit or was part of my welcome present (including that lovely tote in the back!)

The hotel was a different one than the one SAG used previously and it was very, very nice. My room was simply enormous, the bed very comfortable and the bathroom very spacious. No complaints there.

The hotel facilities were very nice too and I even had the chance to use the pool. The hotel itself is pretty huge and I kept exploring it to find new nooks and crannies. It was all very modern and posh. The corridors were full of light:

It was located a bit in the middle of nowhere though and I missed having the sea right on our doorstep. But it did get a chance to get out for a couple of runs on those nice, flat, straight Dutch cycle ways!

The event itself suffered from a few issues which I won’t go into here (but I have done so here and here) but in general the classes were great, the teachers awesome and the kits very, very yummy. I have so far completed a few of the projects and will no doubt complete a few more in the next couple of weeks.

Here are a few, starting with an unusual double layout from Doodling for Dummies - unusual because the pages are stuck to each other instead of side-by-side as is most common for doubles).

Here are another two layouts, this time from the Bazzill Basics workshop. I always like these workshops because they remind me that cardstock is more than just a base for layouts but a design element in its own right:

In the Making Memories workshop we put together 3 layouts very quickly, using the noteworthy line. Although these feature far too much stuff and far too few photos for my taste, I quite enjoyed the techniques because I can never make this type of 'bohemian' layout look very good!

(Blogger was acting up and wouldn't let me upload the other two layouts so I'll have to owe you those...)

The best part of the weekend for me is meeting new friends as well as seeing old ones. I have always attended SAG on my own so while it can be a little scary sometimes it also gives me complete freedom to do whatever I like (and means I don’t have a roommate to annoy when I wake up early to get out and run) and it also means I get to meet more people than I probably would if I was there with a friend or two. Every year I meet lovely scrappers from all over Europe (and a few from further afield) and it is lovely to chat and catch up and share in their incredible talents.

All in all I had a great weekend, a generally relaxing weekend and came back with tons of new stash and the happy memories of both old and new friends. So it was a worthwhile investment and will probably be enough to get me to go back next year.


voodoo vixen said...

10 kgs of stash!! Oh my, I am cabage green. Looks like you had a lovely time and the pages you have produced are lovely!

Kerry said...

I am as green as Annette above. You are so lucky. Have fun using up all that stash.

Tinkerbelle said...

A girl can never have too much stash.. but I am a little green too.. and love love love your layouts xxx

Lauren said...

WOW! These layouts are fabulous Claudia. I'm happy to hear you had such a good time a SAG.

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Love your SAG pics and you have been busy already. I havent even started my projects yet.

Debsg said...

Gorgeous LOs. I agree with other posters, you can never, ever, have too much stash. Deb x

Marguerita said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures from SAG. I had a great time too, and can't get enough of the event so now I'm reading all blogposts about it i can find. Just to see what cool stuff everyone got, lol!

Julie said...

I'm totally jealous of your "welcome" bag. LUCKY!!!


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