Wednesday, 23 August 2006

In a small way I am still a journalist - mainly in this blog!

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I love words and writing and reading. I’ve been keeping a journal since I was little and I also have an entire book of poems that I wrote mainly in my teens (and some are not bad, actually!) These poems I lovingly entered in my book with colored pens and doodling, so the book itself is precious but the act of writing poetry meant that I wanted to do that for a living.

However, even when I was 10 I knew that poets didn’t make much money and that didn’t sound very appealing. So when I saw the film Superman (the original!) I knew immediately what I wanted to do with myself: I wanted to be a journalist like Lois Lane. It just felt so glamorous – working with words, reporting the stories, maybe even changing the world.

This sort of stayed with me for the rest of my growing up years so when the time came to choose a degree I went for journalism, what else? OH! How I loved those first few months in my studies when I was crafting stories, learning about good writing and generally having a great time. Unfortunately, the degree was scrapped and my university moved me into something considered similar: Communication sciences.

In the end it was probably a good idea as this covers many areas: journalism of course, but also marketing, PR, corporate image, media, etc. I feel like I learned many things that are useful (like photography!) and many that probably aren’t as much. But it definitely made me into the well-rounded individual that I am and for that I’m thankful. If it wasn’t for my degree, I wouldn’t have discovered the internet as early as I did – in 1995 when you had to know Unix to send email!

My love of words hasn’t subsided though, and now I feel that I satisfy my creative urges with scrapbooking and the journaling that goes with it. I am once again working with words, telling the stories and, in a small way, changing my family’s world.

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