Wednesday, 31 January 2007

I really didn't want Vista - honest!

After months of waiting, planning and research I finally bought a new home computer. Our old one (nearly 8 years old!) had served us sort of well but sometime in October last year it decided that it WAS NOT going to dial out to the internet. Yes, dial out, as in dial-up. Anyway, it developed cyber-agoraphobia and didn’t want anything to do with the outside world, no matter how much the cables, telephone and even modem coaxed it. No idea what is wrong and considering the thing is ancient, well it just had to go.

After all, it only had 4.2 GB in the hard drive!!

So we spent a few months doing the research, choosing features that would make our lives easier and finding a nice compromise between function and price. So we finally found it and then waited for the end of the financial year of the company we bought from, hoping for last minute discounts and offers.

The upside to all this is that, somehow, I will be getting a PC with Vista on it. I must admit it wasn’t by choice, and thankfully it also comes with Windows XP (as we bought on the cusp between Vista being launched and the old systems being still offered) and I actually thought that was enough. I mean, my PC came with Win98 and I’ve recently had to upgrade to Win2000 so that I could use my MP3 player (which, incidentally, has more storage space than the PC!!!)

So I thought WinXP was ample, besides, why would I want Vista? It’s new, it’s bound to be full of flaws and I’ll spend months downloading patches and service updates. No thanks, just give me XP and I’ll be happy. But friends in-the-know convinced me to get the Vista upgrade – after all, it was free – so I am about to receive a PC at the cutting edge of operating systems.

This got me thinking: why was I so adamant to stick to old XP? I consider myself quite techy and generally keep up with the latest gadgets and news. I have nothing against new stuff and in fact quite like it. But somehow, this doesn’t translate to actually wanting to OWN any of this technology. I’m not at all an early adopter but like to wait for others to spend all the money in buying flashy technology while I happily buy all the older stuff for cheaper. Or never buy it!

A great example: I do love all those electronic diaries around but when it comes to me, I still use a paper one with a pencil! I tried a gadget once but eventually gave it up to carry on using my paper diary.

I am the same when it comes to scrap gadgets – I like to stay informed of what’s what but then, when it comes time to purchase, I’m not even interested. Like the Cricut that everyone’s talking about and waiting with bated breath to buy: I can appreciate that it looks like fun but I’m not even slightly interested in one. I am happy cutting out with scissors. Same goes for the Cropadile – I appreciate that it is really cool but I already have a hammer so I’ll stick with that.

I wonde what will happen after a few days of using Vista? Will I want to re-install XP? Will I fall in love with all the new features in Vista? Will I love it so much that I will become a Vista evangelist and tell everyone to upgrade? Will I end up selling it on Ebay because it drove me nuts?

I shall keep you informed!

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