Wednesday, 24 October 2007

No one can accuse me of doing nothing!

I have a lot going on at the moment.

My OU course is going well and I’ve managed to not only keep up but stay a bit ahead which is good. This way, if I have any unexpected delays in the next few weeks it won’t be a tragedy and I should still be able to keep up. The course itself is really interesting as it’s dealing mainly with design principles for the web – although a lot of this learning can also be applied to scrapbook pages! In fact, my scrapbooking experience has helped a lot in this course as lots of the principles presented (like color wheels, golden ratio and rule of threes) I’d encountered them before in my pages. So I’m doing well on the course but I am still worried about the time it will take to put together a fully functioning website for my final exam.

The running is still very much happening and I’m aware that the marathon is less than 3 months away. My long runs are getting longer and while that in itself is a challenge, I find that I worry more about fitting them in. I am so slow, a 16k run takes me around two hours and that is before any warm up, cool down, showering afterwards, etc. I’ve managed to work around it so far but the weather has been a big help. It’s much easier to get out there when the sun is shinning and the sky is blue but I’m aware that as time goes on my long runs will get even longer and the weather will get colder and wetter. This means I may have to do some long runs on a treadmill (how boring) or outside (how cold). The things I do for a vacation!

To add a bit of cross-training to my plan I’ve also joined some of my marketing colleagues in a touch rugby league. We play every week for around 20 minutes of very, very fast running and it is certainly tiring. For those that don’t know, touch rugby is the ‘low contact’ version of rugby which in itself is similar to American football. There are lots and lots of rules but the main one is that we’re only allowed to throw backwards which means that there is a lot of sprinting and changing direction during play.

Another thing that’s kept me a little busy is that this weekend is my little boy’s birthday party. We’re having it at a local gym and the kids get two hours of trampolines, foam pits and other tiring activities. We had Samuel’s party there last year too and the kids loved it, plus it was so easy as they provide food as well! All we have to take is party bags and cake and of course I couldn’t just throw some candy in a plastic bag, could I? I had to do better and although I made my life simple and chose a simple solution, it’s still meant a couple of evenings of putting things together, not to mention a few days creating images and printing them at work.

Speaking of work, I am of course still working and very hard. We’ve had a lot of work in the past few weeks and I don’t see that changing until maybe Christmas. I am still very much enjoying it and the good thing is that most of the things I do are fun and there are only a few that are a bit boring so I guess I’m lucky. T

his all means that scrapbooking time has been very limited! I do manage the occasional page or two (and I’ve fully completed my All About Me album) but these days I mainly get things done at crops and rarely at home. Also, because I’m kept so busy at work and stuff I don’t visit scrapbooking forums as often as I used to or have much time for scrapbooking blogs and the like. This in turn has meant that I haven’t bought anything for a good long time and I quite like that! As I’m not visiting the usual channels that promote stash I feel quite liberated from the marketing onslaught and don’t feel like I NEED anything new. I am happily creating with the stuff I already have and this is lovely.

Hopefully I can keep this up once the OU course is completed, once the marathon has been done, the rugby league finished and Samuel’s party wrapped up. It will be nice to go back to scrapbooking a bit more and using up the supplies I’ve already invested in. Besides, when all these things are done I will have so many memories to scrap!

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