Friday, 14 March 2008


While it’s not exactly super obscure, not many people outside of Disney fans have truly heard “Destiny”, one of those pop songs that feature in Epcot. I think it’s the theme tune to Mission:Space which I can’t really figure out (why does a ride need a theme tune?) but in any case it really is a truly lovely song.

I know it mainly because it’s included in The Official Album of Walt Disney World which I own and do listen to a lot (I’m telling you, I really DO like obscure theme park music!) I've never actually heard it in the parks, at least not that I remember. I believe it's played in the exit corridor of the attraction which must be grating to the cast there, if it's true! In any case, there is just something about this girl’s voice though, that makes the lyrics seem especially inspiring:

…Destiny begins with you and me
Through all space and time

The achievement of mankind
As we sail the sea
Of discovery

On heroes' wings we fly

Flying high we're soaring to tomorrow
Reaching out the future's in our hands
The journey starts, the adventure never-ending
The new frontier we face is the mystery of space…

The singer’s name is Louise Warren. I don’t know anything else about her other than this song but isn’t it nice that Disney now release the names of artists? I remember a time when not only music but some books would be simply credited “The Walt Disney co” and not recognize the talents of individuals that contributed.

Anyway, it’s just a lovely song and a good example of the kinds of songs I like to "collect".

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