Friday, 4 July 2008

Fashion under fire

A couple of days ago we had what in the UK is considered a ‘hot’ day – but for me it was simply a ‘less cold’ day. We hit the dizzy heights of 26 degrees and it was sunny so of course everyone around me was melting. Everyone was outside enjoying the lovely weather and I was basically looking at everyone have fun from inside as my hayfever was quite bad.

I guess I was in a cranky mood because I couldn’t enjoy the weather so I started noticing just HOW terribly people around me were dressed. Because it rarely goes above 25 degrees around here people seem to throw caution to the wind and turn up to work in the most bizarre outfits. I’ve classified them in three groups (no photos as I thought I’d get sued!):

A) The Embracers. These people are SO ready to get out their summer outfits and whenever the weather is mildly suitable (never mind that it is 12 degrees out there), they just go for the lot: sandals, spaghetti straps, tiny skirts or shorts, a lot of flesh on show. Remember, this is at work! It’s touching that these people are so keen to get their summer gear out but honestly, some of these outfits are totally inappropriate for the office. Besides, it really isn’t that warm anyway.

B) The Deniers. This group of people (mainly men) are well aware that the UK isn’t the Southern Caribbean so they do not have any summer clothes in their wardrobe. Some of them don’t even have a short sleeve t-shirt or a lightweight skirt in their entire wardrobe. Yet these ‘hot’ days catch them unaware so they have to make do with whatever they find that is cooler so they turn up in their football shirts or wear their only pair of sandals but with socks. And cords. These people simply do not have a clue as to how to dress when the weather isn’t cold. Which is kind of understandable as it IS cold nearly all the time so there isn't much of a chance to practice.

C) The Accepters. These people get it totally right and are wearing the lovely linen dress with a cardigan or summer trousers with a very nice shirt. The shoes are cool yet not too casual and even the way they wear their hair is suitable for the weather and the occasion. Moreover, these people know that 26 degrees isn’t actually that hot and that covered shoulders are a must in the workplace. Oh and did I mention these people are almost always not British?

I haven’t even covered the legions of men that decide to remove their shirts at the first glimmer of sunshine so that we can see their horrible, tattoed, scrawny white backs or – even worse – their enormous beer bellies. But these guys thankfully stick to parks and other public venues and not so much around the office. But still - eugh.

While I'm on the subject, what is it about “women of a certain age” and their feet? It seems that the uglier the feet the more they show them in skimpy sandals. It’s amazing what a little bit of footcream and a pumice stone could do but sadly these items are not in general use yet people insist on sharing their horrible feet with the world. It’s enough to bring tears to my eyes. Either tidy up your feet or don't show them at all.

Am I too picky? Is it too much to ask for that, at least at work, people dressed appropriately? Or should I quit moaning and take my flip flops to work?


Anonymous said...

Y las fotos?

Anonymous said...

El anonimo es Percy, eh wey?

Shazza911 said...

Too funny. I think there are very similarly people dressed in Canada. Casual days in our office (we're uniform otherwise), always amaze me. The different ways that people define business casual are just amazing!!


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