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Disneyland half marathon photos

The last time I did a Disney race, I took a disposable camera. This means I got a limited number of photos from race and while I love those photos, I always thought I should have carried my digital camera instead.

For the Disneyland half marathon I learned from experience and took my digital camera, which means I have literall hundreds of photos from the races! It has been a real challenge to narrow them down to these, which tell the story of my race and are quite fun too. Hope you enjoy reliving the memories with me!

The start was early and it was a foggy morning, which made for a lot of blurry photos. When we were eventually allowed to start, I took this photo of the start line and the palm trees in the fog.

Pretty soon we were getting into California Adventure and these guys were there to welcome us:

I just HAD to stop for the photo op with the kids from the High School Musical show!

The money shot in any Disney race is a photo with the castle. This race was no exception and here I am with my two running buddies Crystal and Dana. Don't you love how we color-coordinated our outfits?

Princess Tiana and her posse were out, looking very appropriate in New Orleans Square.

The Roundup Gang! I just love Toy Story so just had to make the most of this photo op!

Wicked Stepsisters and Stepmother going round and round on the carousel. They are in for a long ride, as it must have taken hours for all the runners to go past!

Into Tomorrowland and here comes a Stormtrooper...

Even the monorail was out to cheer on us! I think Disneyland has the coolest monorails, I love them so of course had to take a photo.

Little Einsteins! This one was for the kids... (but where's Quincy?)

Going backstage is another mild thrill I get from Disney races. I just love how reality is completely blocked by fantasy, as this shot reveals.

We left the parks and out into Anaheim city streets. They weren't very exciting but at least we had some entertainment, like these kids in Mexican costumes.

We also had Hawaiian dancers...

Eventually we got a bit bored of the course and started playing the game "what were you thinking?" and took photos of outfits that were... well... not a good idea, shall we say? Here is our first contestant:

We went through 4 miles of pretty much nothing to look at, when we eventually made it to the area near the Honda Center. The course took us through the back and probably the worst running terrain ever: small gravel. I did a lot of running on this stuff in France so I know I hate it, and I know other runners had trouble with falls, slips and even blisters from the gravel that got into their shoes. Not a great section of the course.

How very exciting - an overpass. If you look carefully, you can see the homeless asleep in there...

Finally something to look forward to: Angel Stadium. There were hundreds of kids lining up the entrance and I thought these guys were making a great effort.

Running through the stadium was fun - but a bit crowded and with very little room to stop. I managed only a quick photo before I had to move on...

After Angel Stadium we had 3 miles to go, most of that on boring city streets again. So while on the lookout for stuff to photograph, I just had to take this photo of an empty freeway. How often does THAT happen?!

We were fairly tired by now, so that's probably why I found this sign funny/inspiring:

We haven't forgotten the "what were you thinking?" competition and here is another worthy competitor:

Not quite LAPD but a gang control vehicle is a good reminder that we are NOT in Disneyland yet!

Ah! In the distance we can see the Tower of Terror... nearly there... and the sun also wants to come out...

Ladies and gentlemen: the winner of the "what were you thinking?" competition:
Where the HELL is the finish line?! It's just around the corner, apparently... I loved the music these kids were playing but I did miss the choir that we get at the WDW races. Nearly there!

The finish line!! And look - the sun is coming out at last!
My official finishing time was 3.18 which is pretty good considering all the times we stopped for photos and also a couple of bathroom breaks and even a chat with friends at mile 6.5. I was pleased with my time and, as I've always said, I like to get the most out of these races so I like to stay on the course as long as I'm allowed, to maximize the cost per hour :)

I am now the proud owner of a Mickey medal and have another set of great memories (not to mention great photos!)

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Love it!! Thanks so much for sharing. Wish I could have been there!! Sounds like a great race and a fantastic trip!!


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