Tuesday, 30 May 2006

It turns out I do have an obsession after all!

There is another forum that I participate actively in (whenever time allows!) and that is www.ukscrappers.co.uk. I used to read all the threads and stuff but now it’s so huge that I spend most of my time catching up with friends, with CJs or sending PIFs.

I love getting and sending PIFs. Sometimes I have been disappointed, of course, but generally I get a little something that is really useful, cute or unique. Whenever people list their items to PIF I peruse the list like a dieter reading a dessert menu – looking for that little bit that will be just the right temptation.

In order to be ready to participate in these PIFs I generally have to carry around a list of suitable items to pass on (as I generally log on from work but of course have all the stash at home). So a few evenings ago I sat down and went through my stash, finding things that I no longer have the use for and are suitable for PIFs. This exercise made me realize something I didn’t really know about my stash – I love mini-books.

I realized that I have around 20 all in different sizes and colors – some plain, some decorated, but all small. I have plans for some of them but most of them I’ve mainly acquired because I like them, certainly not because I need them. A lot of them come from PIFs: if I see someone is listing a mini-book in their items, I will jump on it like a cat on a butterfly!

Whatever do I want all these books for? Why do I feel the need to accumulate little books? Why can’t I get rid of them either? I don’t use them because I’m waiting for the “right” project to turn up... so they end up stored in my cupboard and never see the light of day. Why can’t just USE them? They are after all just paper and cardboard and I can always get some more...

But wait – isn’t this the way scrappers feel about ALL of their stash??

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