Monday, 8 May 2006

What's wrong with 6x4?

I love looking at scrap mags and their lovely photos of layouts – and I’ve noticed that recently big photos are the rage. Enormous ones, that sometimes fill the page, are everywhere. Or, the other common trend is little photos in all sorts of weird sizes. That looks really cool and I love the look. But from that I also gather that scrapping 6x4 photos is just not “cool” anymore. At least it won’t get your layout published.

What is so wrong about 6x4 photos? I have often seen magazines with comments like “this is how you can scrap your old 6x4 photos...” or “the old 6x4 photos are ideal for this layout...” and so on. When did they become the OLD size???

Not everyone can afford a home printer or even wants one. I have toyed with the idea but basically it doesn’t make sense: I don’t have the time to spend messing around with printing my own photos in a variety of sizes and I don’t want to spend lots of money on consumables so it’s easier and more convenient for me to take my photos to the drugstore and get them printed in the traditional way. So this means that with very few exceptions, I always get them printed in 6x4. Yet, there are few layouts in the magazines that feature photos in this size!

It’s like being a size 16 when all you can see in magazines is waifs wearing size zero jeans!! It doesn’t match reality and while it’s nice to fantasize for a while, practical examples would also be nice to see.

Or is that size too boring already??

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