Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Following up from a thread on UKS about scrapping spaces, I suddenly realized that the way I keep my stash very much dictates my scrapping style. I don’t mean that I’m tidy and therefore my style is very clean – it’s more complex than that.

For example, because I don’t have too much stash I tend to know by heart what I have. This means that I am very good at using both new and old stash on my pages. There is nothing lurking out there that I’ve forgotten about. I still use my MAMBI kids on pages, if they suit the theme! I also have lots of borders and they too have seen the light of day recently. This gives my pages a slightly quirky look.

I am not a good hoarder so this means I have no problems using up my stash on pages. While I understand why most scrappers struggle to use their prettiest things, I find that the best way to show off my prettiest things is by using them! There is nothing too precious to use on my pages and I think it shows. Add this to the fact that I know what I own and this explains my clean style: if something is worth showing, it’s worth showing to its full effect and so I would use this one embellishment on its own, rather than with lots of others.

I store all my embellishments together but by types – so one box has metal, another chipboard, yet another inks and stamps and so on. This has meant that in order to minimize the amount of stash I carry to the table, I only grab one or two boxes. This streamlines my pages and means that I only use one or two types of embellishments on a page. True, I do sometimes go and get another box for another page but generally I’m too lazy and end up with three or four layouts made one after another that include mainly the same type of embellishments.

Another thing is that I don’t have a craft room and work on the dining room table. I of course have to clear up after myself every single time, because I just wouldn’t fancy eating off my photos, so this has meant that I just can’t leave layouts unfinished. I have a “thing” about unfinished business also, but mainly it’s a practical issue – I have nowhere to leave an unfinished page! So every one of my sessions ends with completed pages and, thanks to this, I’ve developed a clean and simple style that allows me to finish jobs.

I’d never really noticed but indeed, my storage style has influenced my scrapping style in more than one way!

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