Monday, 27 November 2006

My desert island pick is ALWAYS a book. Actually, make that several books!

Just before I went on vacation, a dream store opened here in Milton Keynes: Borders!

Yes, the bookstore.

I really love this store mainly because it sells books and does this job beautifully. There are few bookstores that display books so well and make it so easy for me to have to buy another book. If I could, I think I’d love to work there and I would be in heaven, surrounded by books. I’ve already been like five times since it opened earlier in the month, and bearing in mind I’ve been on vacation for most of November, it isn’t a bad average.

I just love books. I love and love and love books. Books have been my friends for a long time, since I learned to read at the age of 4. Ever since I discovered the written word I have been pretty obsessed with books and have always been attracted to reading. It’s one of my favourite pastimes – sometimes even more adored than scrapbooking, I have to say. Reading is portable, easy to do and it fills my head with places, peoples and ideas that might make me a different person.

I remember one day, long long ago when I went to my school’s library and found a lovely book I wanted to read, but my recess wasn’t long enough. So the librarian gave me special permission to check it out and take it home – at the time, anyone younger than 2nd grade wasn’t allowed to check books out. Anyway, I took it home and I remember the guilty pleasure I felt in taking a book home that wasn’t mine. I was also terrified something might happen to it so I returned it promptly the next day. I can’t remember what book it was, though.

A few years later, when I was older and actually working in that very same library I stumbled across a magical book – “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. I checked it out and read it in a day, I couldn’t put it down! I just didn’t know reading could be so magical, so amazing and so fantastic. I quickly read everything with Mr Dahl’s name on it and became a lifelong fan.

Another epic book was “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret” which I read in 4th grade. I remember all the girls talking about it as if it was some dirty book (it deals with puberty, periods and all that stuff) so I placed my name on the waiting list, of course! When I finally got my hands on it, I remember it was almost disappointing but at the same time horribly fascinating. A few months later I had my own “womanhood” to talk about and I took pretty badly, actually.

Sometime in 9th grade I discovered Shakespeare – and read pretty much everything. I loved the Sonnets and poems, especially. I also found some of the plays confusing but with the help of my trusty Cliff’s notes I managed to plow on and read most of his stuff. I admit I didn’t really like the historical plays but love the more magical, lyrical stuff.

As I got older I read more and more, pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I read a lot of Agatha Christie, a lot of young adult novels but started slowly drifting towards non-fiction. I just loved stories of actual people or (these days) companies and how they have succeeded. At about this time I was becoming very interested in the Disney company so I read “An American Original” which was the official bio on Walt Disney. I love this book and I still have it – it’s actually falling apart! His life inspired me and this led me to read the life of other, just as amazing people, and find inspiration in them.

These days I mainly read non-fiction but I occasionally read novels – especially when everyone’s talking about them (“The Da Vinci Code” comes to mind!) I prefer to read about real people and real companies and what made them successful. I also like finding out stuff I didn’t know before about my favourite products – I guess I’m just a trivia junkie. These days I also read a lot of parenting books, Disney books (about the company, not storybooks), books about where food comes from and, of course, scrapbooking books.

I must admit I went through a period when I just couldn’t find the time to read and slowly I realized how much I missed it. So I made time and now I am always carrying a book with me, because one never knows when you may get the odd 10 minutes to read. Also, if I am reading a book that is absolutely gripping me, I just can’t put it down! I read “Angels and Demons” over 3 days here at work over the last Christmas holiday, for example.

Reading is my absolutely favourite thing to do in the whole world and I am very much hoping that I pass this gift on to my little boy. Then the world is truly his to embrace!

It is nearly lunchtime here in the UK and I may just sneak off and visit Borders again... there’s a new book on Google and it's history that I simply must read.

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