Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Scrapping... with scraps

Now that my vacation is a long, distant memory I have spent a little while putting together a kit of sorts, with all the various bits that will be used to create the scrapbook. As this one’s a special holiday, it gets a scrapbook all to itself! I noticed that about 70% of what I put away in the box was paper: but we’re not talking patterned paper or even plain paper but more like literature. I had hundreds of bits of papers – tickets, maps, menus, hotel brochures, local paper, theme park guides, etc. I managed to fill an 18lt box with all sorts of random documentation. Thing is though, it is all important to me one way or another.

I have always been ruthless to throw things away and don’t tend to hoard anything except for when it comes to Florida vacations. I may grab things here and there on other vacations but when I’m in Florida (especially Disney) I take all I can. I always have. Eventually I had the problem of storage and when my box overflowed, I started cutting up bits and pieces of these papers and using them to decorate my photo albums of the trip. I also used them to decorate my school notebooks – to keep the memory of the vacation alive, I guess. In any case, you can see that this is pretty much a proper scrapbook: a book decorated with scraps.

In the years that this hobby has evolved, I have of course evolved along with it and started using more bought embellishments and less of the “found” stuff. It was just the way I saw it being done so I followed suit. My albums looked very nice!

Now that we have gone to Florida again, though, the old habits refuse to die and I’ve ended up with another boxful of literature. And I plan to use it – because these tidbits of paper all have some meaning to us. One menu reminds me of a lovely lunch, a ticket reminds me of a lovely day at some attraction, a map is a great reminder of our travels and the local paper gives context to our visit.

So even though I also plan to use lots and lots of lovely store-bought embellishments, I also can’t wait to plow through my box of papers and relive some wonderful memories while preserving them in my album. After all, one can’t scrapbook without scraps!

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