Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Chronological scrapping or stand-alone projects? Hmmmm... I don't know!

Last night my husband was out with some friends (he went to see Derren Brown, which those of you in the UK will recognize as the famous magician-mentalist-psychologist-illusionist. It was a fab show, apparently). I took the chance and sat down and scrapped and scrapped and scrapped: for 3 hours! I had fallen behind, not only in my Florida album, but in my ER episodes so last night I caught up with both: I scrapped while I watched all the goings-on in this TV show.

I can’t believe how much has happened in ER! I’m sure the season finale will be an explosive one…

But anyway, I got on with the scrapping really well too. I completed 9 layouts (NINE) and some were simple while others were very simple. I am absolutely adoring those PDQ Bisous papers – and I’m sure I’ve said that before. They have allowed me to progress with this album very quickly as I don’t have to make so many design decisions and giving me more time to journal and embellish (or not). As the papers are double-sided and I’m using both sides – not easy – it also keeps the overall weight of my album down.

Anyway, I am very pleased with how the album is turning out and is a big difference from the other Florida album I did late last year which was harder work, although I do love the finished article. Thing is, I have SO many photos still left over, not scrapped! I would normally just keep the 200 best ones in a normal photo album and get rid of the rest but when I was in Florida I *did* buy a summer 8x8 album which would be ideal for the leftover photos… but that would bring me back to my earlier issue with smaller formats which seem to take a lot longer. However, as I have already scrapped the MAIN memories in the 12x12, maybe using the 8x8 for the rest of the photos would be relatively quick… OH, I don’t know what to do!

I guess I will first of all finish the large album, catch up with a few other projects that I still have to complete (like the All about me album from Scrap-a-ganza which I MUST finish as I pinkie-promised Lisa I would) and then decide.

What makes the decision harder is that I am a die-hard chronological scrapper and having so many stand-alone projects sort of breaks that “rule”. I know that the magazines always say it’s okay to scrap non-chronologically but I actually find it difficult to DO. It is after all the way I organize myself and when I’m not organized I feel a bit weird.

I’m sure that when the time comes I will figure something out. At least I can rest assured that my extremely simple style comes up trumps when I have to quickly catch up. After all, I did manage to complete NINE layouts last night!

PS. Last weekend I unexpectedly came across some tickets which meant we could go see George Michael opening Wembley stadium on Sunday. It took some logistics and coordination but we managed to find a babysitter and go to see George. WHAT A MAN! I loved the concert, I love all his songs and loved the fact that I can now say I’ve seen him live. First concert at the new Wembley as well, so it’s all a part of history. Needless to say I took a few photos and kept the tickets ready for scrapbooking!

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