Friday, 29 June 2007

Natural light

I’ve finished my Florida album and I think it looks great – it has lots of wonderful memories in it, as well as mementoes and lovely photos. I am well pleased with it and look forward to showing it off – I will even endeavour to take some pictures of it to post here and show it off! I am waiting for the rain to stop, you see, so that I can use nice natural light to take the photos.

What’s the big deal with all this rain, by the way? I thought this summer was supposedly going to be the warmest ever, blah, blah, blah but so far nothing. It’s not even been that warm – just soggy, cloudy and miserable. It’s nearly July and so far I have barely used my summer clothes. If it wasn’t for our trip to Florida, I wouldn’t have seen the sun at all this year!

People always ask me if I’m getting used to the UK weather and the answer is never simple. I am used to the fact that it will nearly always be unpleasant but that doesn’t mean I don’t suffer. I don’t mind the cold in the winter (after all, that is the point of winter) but I do very much mind it when it’s still winter in June. I still don’t get the fact that Brits like going for long walks regardless of the weather: if you have to dress head-to-toe in plastic, why are you out in the first place? I also don’t subscribe to the turn-the-heating-off-because-it’s-April mentality: if it’s cold in June, the heating goes on, end of story.

I guess I’m a sunny and warm person and so I need to be in sunny and warm climates. I often tease my husband that he’s got a desert flower and as so, she should be kept in suitable circumstances or she’ll wilt.

The worst part of these wet and dark days is that it’s difficult to take good photos! The natural light isn’t very good and I don’t like using my flash if I don’t have to so my photo taking has gone down quite a bit, mainly because of the weather.

Come on sunshine, make us a visit here in England and chase all this rain away!

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