Friday, 30 May 2008

The time has come for a spree!

As I’ve said before, I am not one of those scrappers that buys a lot of stash a lot of the time. I used to, though but thankfully this was when I started scrapping ‘properly’ and the variety of materials and tools available isn’t what it is now. So even though I shopped a lot, I still don’t have a huge stash. Through the years, more and more things have become available and I am so bewildered with choice that I shop less and less.

The last couple of years I have literally just bought essentials (adhesives, page protectors, that kind of stuff) and had one or two big shops a year. I am trying very hard to use what I have and I think I am winning - and have even had big clearouts where I let go of those things that I just know I will never use, that perhaps came from kits or from some impromptu shopping spree years ago.

Last weekend I was putting together kits to take to my Tuesday crop and I must admit I found it a little harder than usual: I am running a little low on stuff. Sure, I still have a cupboard with lots in it but stuff like patterned paper isn’t that plentiful and I’m even struggling with the colors of cardstock I have left. It must be time to shop again – and it’s about right as I am going to Scrap-a-Ganza (SAG) next weekend!

SAG is one amazing scrapbooking weekend – it’s in Holland, it’s a whole weekend, it has amazing classes and people from all over Europe. This is my third year and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s amazing how styles vary throughout Europe and there are some very talented ladies there, both as teachers and as participants.

SAG also has a number of shops selling all sorts of yummy stash and the infamous pizza box shopping (where you pay a set price for all the stash you can fit in a pizza box) which is a great way of stocking up on ends-of-lines and retired products. Last year I went a little nuts (and don’t forget this is all in Euros, so it’s a better deal than purchasing in pounds) and adding my shopping to all the wonderful stash I got in class kits and registration gifts, I didn’t need to buy anything for a whole year!

Although the weekend has suddenly crept up on me (I guess being in Croatia last week made me forget a little bit) I am actually very excited to go. I love the whole thing, from meeting old friends to making new ones, learning new techniques, seeing all the new pretty things that I can buy, creating amazing layouts in the classes and of course, a weekend where I can just relax and enjoy not being a mommy or a marketer or whatever. It’s a great indulgence and I try to sleep in as much as I can, enjoy the lovely surroundings whenever I’m not in class, even go for a couple of runs. After the weekend I come back relaxed, refreshed and happy with all my new stash and layouts.

I must get cracking on sorting out my tools, my photos and my clothes! Before I know it I will be on that plane on my way to Holland and to once again experience the delights of SAG. When I return all my lack-of-stash problems will surely be solved and I will face the issue of where to put it all


Lauren said...

Have a great time - sounds fab!

Kristine said...

Hola Claudia!
Thank you co much for you rlovely comments at my blog;)
Besitos de Kristine(who speaks a little bit Spanish too) =)

daydreamer said...

have left you a comment but i don't know if it posted or not!
so just incase it didn't, i'll do another!!
have a fab time at SAG, & enjoy your stash shopping :)

Claudia Rosa said...

hello claudia.
how funny.. our name is really similar :-)
iam native german but the
rosa comes from my husband
his name is espirito santo rosa..

thank you for visiting my blog today


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