Thursday, 5 June 2008

Hilly and very warm - my Croatian runs

When we went to Croatia I made sure I took my running shoes as I've grown to really like my runs in other places. Not only does it make me feel virtuous and healthy, it is also a great way to enjoy a few quiet moments enjoying the new surroundings. So I made time to fit in a short and scenic run while I was over there.
The run started a little boringly by just running along a road but it was downhill and you could see the ocean in the distance!

The road soon turned and I ran alongside this luxurious private villa. It didn't appear to have any guests, which is a shame as it has some gorgeous views on a beautiful day like today.

This is the main path I was running on - on the left I had a lot of mountain and on the right a sheer drop into the clear blue sea below. Can you tell that it's a little hilly?

Another view of the scenic path, with the Lapad in the distance. Although it was warm this section of the run was quite shady and with a cool breeze so very pleasant. It wasn't so pleasant on the way back though, as this gentle slope seems to become an enormous hill!

Another view of the path and the blue sea... I ran all the way to the end of the path, to where you can see the beach in the distance, and then back. The hill was hard work!

Once I was back from the scenic path, I took this one which is one of a series of gravel paths surrounding our hotel and the area. This one was my favorite because it was generally flat and very scenic. Running on the gravel was hard work though, as the path was very uneven.

Near the end of the run I came to this section which isn't far at all from our hotel. I loved the view and, on other days, you could see huge cruise ships anchored in the water below. After this section I had a very sharp uphill section and then I would be back at the hotel.

The whole run was around 5k and it was pretty tough in sections because of the hills and the gravel underfoot. But the views and cooling breeze more than helped to make these runs really memorable. They also gave me an excellent excuse to have one more slice of pizza at the evening buffets!


Lauren said...

Tough but very beautiful! Thanks for sharing Claudia.

Shazza911 said...

Wow, it is totally beautiful!! You have really become quite the runner!!


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