Saturday, 4 October 2008

What is a political post doing here?

Let me get this out of the way - I like Sarah Palin. She seems to be a hardworking mom, easy on the eye and generally no worse than the average person. I could say I identify with her, after all I am also a working mom juggling family life and work. But do I think she is a good choice for Vice-President of the US? No.

Last night we sat and watched some of the debate between Palin and Biden and one thing quickly became obvious: a lot of time, effort and resource has been spent in making Sarah Palin sound like she knows what she's talking about. But I still felt that she really, really doesn't. I know that she's done a relatively okay job as Mayor and then Governor of Alaska, but let's get real. This is not good enough experience for the next-to-top job in the USA.

I obviously can't vote in the US elections and you could say that whatever US citizens decide doesn't really affect me but I, like thousands of people around the world (maybe even millions), find the whole US election thing fascinating. Like some sort of incredibly expensive reality TV show or one of those TV soaps that have their ups and downs. I also think that the leaders of the USA, for better or for worse, affect much more than just US citizens so of course I'm interested. I also find the whole media coverage thing hilarious and am really, really enjoying The Daily Show right now (so what if we get it in the UK two days later?)

So anyway, I've been following Sarah Palin's rising star and it is an interesting saga. Yes, there was the fact that barely anyone knew her, then she's of course a WOMAN and not only that but a mom, she's also quite attractive. Then the whole thing about the pregnant daughter came out, her lack of foreign policy experience and her belief in creationism and all that winking. Let's face it, she's certainly spiced up what could have been a rather bland show.

I have nothing personally against her but I don't think she's got enough experience for the job, that's all. Especially in foreign policy, where it matters most to me personally. If living next to Russia is all the experience she's got, well then in that case I'm a better candidate. After all, I am also a working mom but I have had a passport since I was a baby, have lived in three countries and have visited a bunch of others. That already makes ME have better 'foreign policy' experience than Palin. But I wouldn't want me to be running for office and I don't think she should be either. And not just because she's prettier than me.

I hope that US voters look past the fact that they may identify with Palin and realize that simply liking someone doesn't make them good at the job of running a country. I know that out here in Europe a lot of people think that people in the US are 'simple' enough to fall for the 'she's one of us' tactic but I know that is a gross generalization. There are all kinds of people and I just hope that the 'simple' ones are outnumbered.

I really do like Sarah Palin - honest! I like her enough to hope that she saves herself further humilliation and media scrutiny and she decides instead to spend more time with her family, as they need her. After all, she will be a grandmother soon.

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Shazza911 said...

I love the foreign policy experience that you have. What a very true statement. You really do probably have more than her, yet she's the one that potentially is to become second in command of one of the most powerful nations in the world, with a running mate who is old enough that he really could just up and leave this world at any time, so the potential for her to be a world leader is even higher... how scary is that!!


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