Thursday, 16 April 2009

Normal service will be restored soon...

I guess there are few things in life as disruptive as having a baby. There are of course events like getting married, moving house and others that create chaos but somehow, at least in my case, babies are definitely at the top of my "things that make me go argh!" list. Sure, they are cute and all that, but all hell appears to break loose around them and, because I do not do well with disorder, it drives me nuts.

But anyway, the good thing is that what at first is disruptive after a while it becomes routine. Things start to settle down and while they may never be the same again, a sense of order re-appears and predictability ensues. I'm at that point now where I can actually plan my days, when I sort of know what will happen and when I can make decisions that go beyond the next three hours. This means I can carve out a little of time to myself a bit more easily.

When it comes to filling that time, the possibilities are endless: I could spend it in a warm, relaxing bath or I could sit down and read for a bit. I could also watch TV (and catch up with all that I've missed!) or scrapbook or, if I'm feeling adventurous, do both at the same time. If the weather is nice I could go for a run outside or if it's wet outside I could go to the gym. If I'm feeling lazy I could make some jewellery or a nice headband. Or I can sit at the PC and check my email, catch up on Facebook, read the latest on Twitter, upload more photos or even update this blog.

Unfortunately I never get enough time to do all the things I would like to do - bizarre, as I'm still on maternity leave and this should mean that I have ALL this time but do I? Even I wonder what I do all day and where time goes... I must be doing SOMETHING. Anyway, the net result is that time is precious and I have lots of stuff I'd like to do to get a break. So I must choose and prioritize.

Whenever I get the chance I try to spend the time running and going to the gym. I feel that this should have top priority as I would love to get back in shape as quickly as possible and also I've found that exercise relaxes me and makes me feel much, much better. I then have more energy to run around, more strength to carry heavy items around (like a baby in a car seat) and even helps me sleep better. Besides, I've been buying running skirts like they are going out of fashion (this is my latest one) and I need to wear them for more than just cleaning around the house.

This means that all things crafty and sitting down have not really been happening. Sure, I have attended a couple of crops and even started the baby album but I am not scrapping at my usual rate. I haven't really touched my beads in a long time and although they are very quick to make, my headband production rate has slowed waaaay down. I'm even taking far too long in reading a book and have far too many things in my Sky+ box that I need to watch.

So all this is my way of saying - sorry I haven't been updating this blog but I promise that as soon as I lose another 2kg, finish a bunch of layouts, complete a necklace I started, catch up with Desperate Housewives and Lost and finish the book I'm reading, I'll be back. I haven't forgotten I have to complete my travels around World Showcase series! In the meantime, hope you enjoyed the baby photos I included in this post as a bonus to my loyal readers (just in case you actually wanted to see pictures of the baby!)

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