Monday, 15 June 2009

The 80s are back! Or are they?

Last week I was in the shopping center and when I went to one of my favorite stores, I was amazed to find an incredible amount of neon clothes - just like I remembered from the 80s! They had the lot: the legwarmers, fingerless gloves, bangles, head bands... everything in bright pink or orange or yellow. It sure took me back to my younger days.

I know that the 80s are big right now (and I'm not looking forward to shoulder pads again, but apparently they're on the way back) and like all fashions, it will eventually give way to another revival and that will go and another take its place... and so on. In fashion everything old is new again, eventually.

In the scrapbooking world it is often the same thing: trends come and go but somehow the 80s never really come back. I know not many scrappers remember those heady days when we cut photos into shapes, used bright patterned paper for everything and put together paper piecings. Sure, the trend for brighter colors seems to be making headway into the scrapping world, but what about the more embarassing 80s scrapbooking trends? Were they really that bad (like poodle perms) and bound never to return? Do I have to get rid of my Paperkins and page toppers?

To be fair, horrible 80s trends like blue mascara and enormous hair are NOT making a comeback, at least not this time around and the trends focus instead on a more 'refined' version of what we wore in the 80s. I guess as time goes by, we pick the good bits and leave the bad ones behind, and scrapbooking is simply doing the same. But I would just love to see someone cutting photos into cutesy shapes again!

I went into my pile of old scrapbooks to find an authentic 80s layout to use as illustration on this blog post but, like my embarassing 80s photos with huge hair and blue lashes, I think it's best to keep them where they are...

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