Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Teacher presents

It will soon be the end of the school year and time to get creative and put together something nice for my son's teachers... and this year I am trying to be organized so I've done them already!

I always try to make something (rather than just buy it) and also try to get my son to participate or at least to have some sort of input into what we're doing. This year I had the idea to make photo note cards but I thought that using a photo of my son would not make these note cards incredibly useful to the recipient. I mean, my son is cute but why would any of his teachers want his smiling face on a note card?

So instead I scanned a picture he made in school, which had his name written on the front, and used that as the artwork in the note cards. To make my life simple, I simply uploaded the image to the Kodak Gallery and ordered the note cards there, as I bought quite a few they were very reasonable. But I could have also simply ordered prints and then glued a photo to the front of a blank note card. Or even cheaper is to make my own note cards and envelopes but to be honest, I was into saving time.

Once the note cards arrived, I had to think of a clever way to present them and I had the idea to make some sort of note card holder. After some searching I found this video tutorial on how to make a very cute and easy note card holder
(the tutorial also has instructions on how to make cute postcards for the inside, which is another cute idea). So I quickly whipped up a few of these holders using supplies I already had and voila! Teacher presents all sorted out. All I need to do now is slip them into some clear plastic wrappers, add a nice gift tag and present them to the (hopefully delighted) teachers.

I'm very pleased with how they turned out - they are all different as I'm using different papers and ribbons so the one pictured on this post is just an example. I think I may use this idea more often as it makes lovely presents that are easy to post!

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