Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The haircut that changed my life

I hadn’t even intended to get my hair cut that day.

I did, however, have an appointment to get my hair styled for my friend’s wedding. This was back in Mexico, where one simply does not attend a wedding; much less a good friend’s wedding, without spending a couple of hours and some money getting our hair professionally done.

So there I was, in the salon on a Saturday afternoon, along lots of other girls who were there doing the same thing I was. The place was buzzing and full of the smell of hairspray, the sound of happy chatter and hair dryers. I was being prepared and suddenly my stylist breezed in, took one look at my hair and said:

“I can’t work with this.”

She was dead serious. But instead of being offended, I actually agreed with her. I couldn’t remember the last time I had my hair cut, other than some trims here and there. I am always so disappointed with haircuts here in the UK – they are expensive and hardly ever do I feel that they helped. I feel that I have to tell the stylist every little thing, when all I want is for someone to use their experience and expertise and tell ME what I need to do with my very thick, very dark, kinda curly hair.

So anyway, this stylist then asked if it would be okay to cut my hair. I agreed – after all, she couldn’t “work” with the mess in front of her. So off she went (presumably to work on someone else) while I waited for the roaming haircut lady. She was with me soon and without asking me what I wanted done, simply said that my hair was in need of layers and without missing a beat she started chopping most of my hair off. Very quickly she was done, then she blow dried it straight and already I could see that she had worked magic. My hair looked amazing!

The stylist then returned and did some amazing things with my hair. It was kind of half up, half down, curly and messy and looked fantastic. I enjoyed the wedding very much and had a great time.

However, it wasn’t until the next morning that I actually realized just how GOOD the haircut was. I washed my hair, dried it as usual and WOW. I had been given the best haircut EVER. The layers were just right that they make my hair still long, but removed all the weight and even enhanced the curl, making my hair much curlier and much less wavy. I loved it.

This haircut really has changed my life. For once I am happy with my hair and I can wash it and not even dry it, and it looks good. I can leave it down and it looks great. I can pile it on my head and it looks pretty. I can play with the curls, making them ringlets or just sexy waves. I can even go to sleep with damp hair and have to do very little to my hair in the morning before I go out. In short, I finally have the hair I always dreamed of – and it turns out I always did, I just hadn’t had the right haircut!

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