Thursday, 10 September 2009

It's all about personal style

As a scrapbooker, I am generally very restrained. I don’t shop for new stash very often, I don’t get seduced by the latest thing and I make the best of the stuff I already have. I have gone for as long as a year without buying anything new, except basics like adhesive and cardstock when they ran out. Yet my pages are, if I may say so myself, pretty acceptable and in some cases, actually very nice.

Why can’t I be the same way when it comes to clothes?

I am almost the complete opposite when it comes to clothes shopping: I am always buying something new, love getting the latest thing (if it suits) and sometimes do not make the most of what I already have. I have a lot of very pretty things hanging in my closet but, because there are so many things in there, I miss them and never wear them!

How can I convert my scrapbooking resourcefulness into the fashion world? What strategies can I learn from one to apply into the other?

First of all, I should stop the shopping. Just like my stash, my wardrobe shouldn’t grow every day. I should only buy things when I really need them or when I really, really love it. Ideally that item would also complement what I already have and it doesn’t lead into further shopping because I need shoes to go with it or whatever.

I should also do a full inventory of what I already have and what works together. Just like my scrapbooking papers, I should focus on trying to find what works with what and what outfits I could put together with what I already have. When I’m scrapbooking I take great pride in those pages that I managed to pull together from scraps, and this normally works because almost all my papers go together because I only buy things that suit my scrapping style. So in the same way, I should be able to find some fantastic outfits that can be pulled together with what I already have.

After the inventory I may well end up with garments that I definitely do not need – either because they don’t fit, are worn or simply were a mistake from day one. These items should be given away or donated, to reduce the number of pieces I have and make room for the outfits I definitely wear. This is exactly what I do with my stash: I don’t buy too much because I find that this makes choices much harder.

Can I go a whole year without buying any new clothes? I am not sure but I guess it’s worth a try. Limitation may make me even more creative and, who knows, I might end up looking pretty amazing too.

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Shazza911 said...

Wow, are you really planning to not buy any clothes for a year? You should check out "not buying it" about some family that stopped buying non essential items for a year... same sort of thing!! Of course I still haven't finished reading it...


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