Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bye-bye my lovely closet...

Some of you may know that we moved recently. It’s been a busy couple of weeks but things are starting to settle down and we are winning the war with all those boxes.

The new house is lovely and I’ll go into more detail on a future post, but I wanted to talk about the old house first… the one we left. Although it was starting to feel a little small for us, there is nothing absolutely wrong with that house and there are in fact bits about it that I will miss, like the enormous garage (with automatic doors!), the lovely windows and our gorgeous French Doors that lead to the garden.

All of those things we can eventually incorporate into our new house and are indeed already looking into replacement windows, but there is one thing that I had to sacrifice and will not be able to replace.

My walk-in closet.

Yes, in my old house I had a walk-in closet and it was a proper one, with lots of space for all my clothes and shelves for shoes, sheets, bags, and lots and lots of other things that haven’t quite yet found a home in our new house. For those that may not know, these closets are rare in houses in the UK - at best you would get what is called a 'dressing area' but it is often not as large as having a whole room for just clothes!

While we do have a great big built-in wardrobe in our new bedroom, it just isn’t the same as a walk-in. We are also struggling with space a little bit as I have a LOT of clothes. It is a case of getting a carpenter to make some adjustments to the rails so it isn’t all bad news (and when we bought the house I was aware that we had some challenges there) but BOY do I envy the people that now live in my house, who own my lovely closet.

I loved making this place functional and organized: all my clothes are sorted by color (can you tell?) and the rails were placed so that my clothes would fit and not hit the floor but still be low enough for me to reach. I had even some space for longer dresses, which was a great foresight as maxi dresses suddenly came back and I had the perfect place to hang them. I also bought quite a lot of boxes so that things on the shelves would not just remain dust-free but would look much tidier. There was a mirror in there that was where I would make sure that the day's look was working and I even had some really useful hooks where I could hang the outfit for the next day.

The whole room was bright and sunny and although sometimes I wished the window was smaller (hence giving me a bit more wall space to hang stuff from) it kept the room feeling spacious and airy. We also wallpapered one wall (the one behind the clothes) and I would get glimpses of this great paper when I was looking through my clothes. This wall suddenly looked very obvious when the room was empty:

Ah, yes... I miss my walk in closet. I do love my new house but this closet will probably never be beaten.

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