Sunday, 7 November 2010


Moving is indeed one of the most stressful things you can do - I think I was on the verge of tears at least 3 times on moving day even though our move was as smooth as one can get!

Once we had a definite move date we could start packing away a few things. We had decided to go for a packing service so there was no point in packing too many things but I did pack my most precious things myself: my scrapbooks, my Disney books and of course my personal items (including jewelery).

On the day of the move, our house looked so empty:

When we got to the new house, it looked empty only for a few minutes, eventually almost every room had at least a few boxes, some random furniture and other stuff in it. I really can't stand untidiness so this was breaking point for me:

Gradually we've worked our way around the rooms and we are about 80% there. Sure, there are still pictures to put up and the kitchen cupboards are not really sorted in any way that is functional but we can at least live there and I don't feel like having a nervous breakdown every time I walk in the house. The kids bedrooms in particular are nearly there:

The guest room, however, is another story:

But my scrapbooking things (including all my albums) have found a happy home!
So we are slowly getting there... I'll keep you updated in about a month or so when it should all look even better!


Anonymous said...

Your new home looks lovely and as usual, I'm really envious. I still wish we could move away from Kent. Sigh...maybe someday.

Julie W said...

Oh, I know about moving! It's so bittersweet: saying goodbye to all those memories and rooms, but also saying hello to a new future and new memories! And yes! All those boxes are so overwhelming! Glad to see things are coming together and you are beginning to feel settled!


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