Friday, 25 May 2012

Gamesmaker training Module 4 - the devil is in the detail

It was a cold April morning and I was once again on my way to London for Gamesmaker training. And for the first time ever, I was early! So this time I could relax with my coffee and chat to my fellow colleagues about what they thought of the experience so far. It was overwhelmingly positive but we also were starting to get a bit bored about all the sitting in a room and listening.

After the mandatory icebreaker session (something about picking a piece of sports equipment and relating it to ourselves) we moved right into the training session. This module would cover a lot of the more detailed processes and procedures we might be involved with such as ticketing, accreditation, rate card, etc. 

There was a lot to cover on the day and perhaps we did it all too quickly or I wasn’t in the greatest of moods but this was my least favorite session to date. I found it incredibly tedious, with far too much detail that felt like it wasn’t relevant but which led to far too many questions and perhaps confused people more than it helped. 

So for whatever reason, I just couldn’t wait to get out of the room and on with my weekend. I felt like I didn’t actually learn much and could have done without the session. I’m sure the team tried their best but in my mind all I will remember of that day was that we spent far too long on questions around parking: where, how, who pays, what happens if they don’t WANT to pay? What if we have to pay, how do we get it back? What about credit cards?...and so on.

Just like everyone else, I was really more excited about getting to module 5 because this was the good one: the one where you’d find out what delegation you’d been assigned to! All else was just fluff, so roll on May!

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