Wednesday, 11 January 2006

I need to slow down

My new year’s (scrapping) resolution is to work more slowly. I generally throw together pages very quickly – some work out great, some don’t – but I never go back and re-do them. I like to complete things.

While this sounds great, it means that a lot of the pages I’ve completed lately are not great, they will do but this doesn’t excite me. I need to break out of my box, try some new techniques and materials and I will only do this if I let go of my need for speed.

I had a crop last weekend and only finished 5 pages instead of my usual 8 or 10, but I am pretty pleased with these pages and the time spent on them was well worth it.

I feel that I can afford to slow down a bit also because I am completely caught up with my photos – I finished all the ones I had left at the crop. Most of the photos are of my little boy Samuel and now that he is no longer a baby (he is 2) I find I don’t take as many photos as I used to, perhaps because the milestones are further and further apart these days. So I need to take photos that will go with more meaningful journaling: not just the “this is the day when Sam had his first banana” but more along the lines of “sometimes I feel that I cannot understand your moods, you little mood swinger you”.

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