Thursday, 12 January 2006

No wonder scrapbooking is a multi-million dollar industry

I often wonder if I understand this hobby at all. I thought it was about saving memories, being creative and adding a bit of “you” to the record keeping... but from reading other people’s comments on various boards, I wonder if the real point of scrapbooking is to accumulate as much stash as possible without ever intending to use it.

I know that there are many gorgeous and yummy things out there but is it really “whoever has the most stash wins”? Even if you never really intend to use it? What is the point then? All these pretties will then live in boxes, never to be seen by others – but if they are used in an album, everyone will get to enjoy them.

I don’t plan my pages at all so of course I see the value of having a selection of things you can choose from as you work. But I surely don’t need every color Bazzill ever made! I generally work with what I have so I really like swaps and kits as someone else does the choosing for me. This means I get to try out something I may not have chosen myself and might even like it. But I don’t buy things specifically for a page or even try to match the colors up perfectly on my layouts because that would mean shopping again.

Am I the only one?

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