Friday, 13 January 2006

I think my mind needs some altering

I don’t really get “altered stuff”. I have been invited to a workshop and I said I’d love to go, but mainly because maybe it will help me “get it”.

I can see the thrill in creating and the satisfaction when it’s done... but then what do you do with it afterwards? Some of the altered objects are easier to understand why they are done: things like boxes are of course really useful and great if they are pretty. But what’s the deal about clipboards? I don’t normally use one, so why would I need to alter one and then do what with it? Or CDs?

There seems to be a lot of one-upmanship about altered objects too - who has created the most outrageous, weirdest, wackiest thing. As a spectator I can see the photos and think WOW this is lovely! But secretly I am glad I don't have it lying around in my house.

This is, in my mind, “electric knife” stuff: great as a gift but if you had one you probably wouldn’t use it. It sure would be cute to look at though!

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