Friday, 17 February 2006


Yesterday I did something I hadn’t done for a little while – I went shopping for the perfect foundation.

I suddenly realized that since my infatuation with scrapping increased, my life-long affair with Clinique had deteriorated and that just won’t do. After all, I still need to look good for all those photos!

I never neglected the skincare part of the relationship – my mantra is cleanse-tone-moisturize – but more the cosmetic side of it. I’ve been using the same foundation I bought over a year ago and never mind that it doesn’t actually match my skin tone any more, I could do with something more up-to-date and full of the latest in skin reflecting technology or whatever.

So there I was, fascinated by all the little pots and jars and shades of beige and pink and brown... and being utterly bemused by it all. I mean, I know what it all does but HOW to use it is another matter: I wear eye shadow and mascara and blusher and lipstick and all that. But I only ever do it in the same way – and if I need a different look I just use more of it! My makeup application technique is pretty bad, basically, even though I worked as a makeup artist for numerous theater shows and even one that was on TV (where the makeup used is more similar to everyday stuff, unlike theater makeup which is much heavier).

I suppose in a way my scrapbooking technique is similar – I always use the same things in the same way and if I’m doing some special page, I just use more of it! I guess I need to experiment more, take more classes, learn more techniques and find things that I can use in my work.

I spent a little while yesterday playing around with my new makeup (yup, the purchase in the end extended a bit over just foundation! How similar is that to stash shopping?) and I found a few new things I can do. Perhaps I should look to do the same with my pages as they could use a makeover. At least I don’t have to remove it all every time I decide to use another technique!

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