Monday, 20 February 2006

When is too much stash, too much?

Every once in a while someone posts a thread or photos (or both!) in a scrapping forum about their well-stocked scrap room, complete with hundreds of jars of Prima flowers, cardstock in every color of the rainbow and enough embellishments to open a small and profitable shop.

I know that these people mainly want others to ooh and ahh their vast stash, very well decorated room and their flawless organization. They can go ahead and do that, kudos to them and YES I am very jealous... or am I?

My stash is vastly smaller than that – it fits into a little cupboard and there is plenty of empty space for more. We have already discussed the fact that I just can’t seem to shop for things so hence the little stash... but there may be another reason: I don’t have very good memory. At the moment I can remember pretty much everything I own stash-wise – perhaps I don’t remember every single piece of paper but I can almost construct a layout in my mind, adding bits from my stash from memory. Of course once I actually work on a page I find that it looks vastly different, but if I change my embellishments or papers or whatever, it was probably because I would have looked through all my stash before. All of it. It doesn’t take long.

If my fairy godmother suddenly gave me 10 times the stash I have now (hence avoiding the financial issues which are a completely different subject), I don’t think I could cope. There is no way I would every remember everything I have. I could of course store it in a way I could look at it all but it would drive me nuts as I hate things being out (hate clutter). So that won’t work. I could of course search through all my dream stash before I work on a page but that would take ages – and reduce precious scrapping time. I could of course have it and not use it – but that affects the fundamental need I have to USE the things I have. I couldn’t really live with myself if all I did with my stash was stroke it.

I think that in this dream scenario I would end up giving most of my stash away!! I just couldn’t cope with all of those things either cluttering the house, taunting me, as I’m not using them or being wasted away because I can’t remember I have them. HOW WEIRD AM I??

So maybe when I see these photos of enormous scrap rooms with alphabetical ribbon storage I am not exactly jealous of the amount of stash but rather, that these women don’t have the weird mental issues I get over it!

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