Monday, 13 February 2006

Somehow I don't think purple and green will make the trendy list, though

I am loving blue and brown at the moment. Practically every page I make (and piece of clothing I wear!) has this color combination.

Two years ago, however, when I was searching for a duvet cover for our bedroom and I wanted something blue and brown, could I find it? Of course not! These colors weren’t “in” so it became an impossible task. If I want to find such duvet cover now, it would be a piece of cake. (I ended up buying a plain beige one!)

Why do colors come and go out of fashion? Who are the people that say “this summer it is all about pink and green” or whatever? How do color combinations get put together and marketed for us to buy? And why is it that shops think no one wants to use colors other than trendy ones? If pink is in and you don’t like or suit pink, well, you’re in trouble as that will be EVERYWHERE.

In scrapbooking terms, at least we can play with all colors and Bazzill of course is a good example. Papers do tend to cover the “trendy” colors but they don’t leave behind all others. Plus, some of us are working on older photos and need the “older” color combos to reflect the era. Nothing works better for 70s photos than brown and orange, for example.

I love color and perhaps is why I really enjoy scrapbooking – shopping for clothes, however, is another matter!

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