Thursday, 5 October 2006

I do love to read idea books

I really like patterned paper and am truly not afraid to use it – I think that buying pretty paper for it to sit unused for ages in a cupboard is a crime! So whenever I get the chance, I will cut, sand, tear, rip, wrinkle and otherwise destroy perfectly good pieces of patterned paper to create embellishments for my pages and you know what? I LOVE IT!

I love layering patterned papers and sometimes even think I use this technique too much. But it is very effective, easy and infinitely variable. It suits almost any kind of layout and also enables me to use my precious scraps. One quick look at my gallery and you’ll find lots of examples of my layouts with this technique – I can’t stop using it.

So I thought I was pretty good at using patterned papers until someone told me to read Ali Edwards’s book “Designer’s Eye for Scrapbooking with Patterned Paper”. Oh my goodness – this is one good book. Not only does it have some amazing layouts, it has completely usable ideas that I am definitely going to use. I really like this book.

I am not one that buys every new idea book out there simply because it’s out there. I used to, in the early days when there were about five books available to buy! These days there are closer to hundreds and more come out every week. I gave up trying to keep up a while ago and actually stopped buying idea books – there simply were too many of them. I even sold a few that I had bought that, while good books, didn’t really inspire me with anything. At the moment I have the grand total of FOUR idea books in my library and every single one does what it should: gives me ideas.

I’m glad that there are so many books out there, though. When this wasn’t the case, I always kind of resented the fact that books thought all scrappers were the same, using the same techniques and with the same style. This of course was out of necessity but now that there are so many titles available, they’ve had to specialize and this is just fantastic. No matter what kind of niche scrapper you are, there is bound to be a book that speaks just to you. Some of course are more universally praised than others and cover wider spectrums in this hobby, but generally books now cover one kind of style or one set of techniques.

So while I really appreciate the great variety, it has made me a lazy shopper. I’ve had to depend on others to let me know when a great book comes out that suits my style! So thank you Sue for letting me know about this book – it is just perfect for me!

PS. In case you were wondering, my four books are: Love your Handwriting (Heidi Swapp), My Creative Companion (Becky Higgins), Step up your Scrapbooking (Lisa Brown Caveney) and the patterned paper one of course!

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