Friday, 13 October 2006

Ramblings on a beautiful day...

Yesterday was such a beautiful day – and it was my day off so what good timing, hey! Even though it’s mid-October and the weather is certainly cooler now, the sun shone, the sky was blue and the colors of everything were just amazing. I went for a long walk along some of our local linear parks and was just struck by how pretty everything looked.

But I didn’t take my camera!

To be honest, I did think about it before I left the house but I just wanted to walk and enjoy being outside, rather than concentrating on taking photos. I felt that my walk would become almost a chore, having to compose photos and then print them out to place on a layout. I did have a lovely walk, it was certainly memorable and deserved a special place in my scrapbook but I just thought that somehow recording it would make it less special... does this make any sense?

In any case, I do think I should take some photos of Milton Keynes soon. It is such an unusual place here in the UK – a planned city that is successful – and so much more modern than nearly everywhere else, I am quite proud of it. It certainly feels like home while I’m here in the UK and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love the fact that almost everything is pretty new – around 40 years old – which reminds me greatly of my home continent. There are of course older buildings to be found in the New City, but they add to the charm of the place.

On a beautiful day such as yesterday, MK looked amazing: the parks are of course beautiful and so green, thanks to the constant rains. The trees have started to change color and looked just amazing against the blue skies. The more modern buildings in the center shone with the reflected light from the sun and were beautifully framed by trees in vivid reds and oranges. The water on the lakes was calm and still and reflected the sun perfectly, broken only by the wake left behind by ducks and swans. It really was a beautiful day.

I wish I could explain to everyone just how weird and special Milton Keynes is for me. I know a lot of Brits think that the place is just a concrete jungle but it so isn’t. This is a lovely city and, at least while I live in the UK, it’s home. So I will take my camera out on my next walk and take some photos – let’s just hope it’s sunny then too!

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