Monday, 16 October 2006

I have the same problem when shopping for shoes

It’s not a complaint heard often but I’ve discovered I really don’t know how to shop for embellishments. I love going to scrapbook shops and looking through all the lovely things available, touching them and seeing all the beautiful colors... but when it comes to commit and pay some money, I always find myself saying “what do I need this for?”

I’m ok buying cardstock and of course adhesives. Those are good old practical essentials and I have no problems there (although at the moment I haven’t bought any cardstock for ages because I know I have plenty). But I really struggle when it comes to paper but can sort of do it. But embellishments – I am hopeless there. Unless it is something really simple and useful like brads, I just can’t buy the stuff.

I went to one of the loveliest shops in the UK last weekend (IMHO) and spent a lovely time looking through all the stash for sale there and almost forced myself to buy something – and then it only was something I knew I needed and would use. Why can’t I shop like everyone else? I want to be able to throw caution to the wind and buy the latest whatever just because it is the latest AND is cute. I am just too practical and do not deserve to be called a true scrapper because I don’t buy stash to stroke. I actually buy it to use it – and if I know I won’t use it I won’t buy it. Too practical.

Perhaps this is because I’ve been doing it too long. When I started the range of goods was so limited that I became very good at “making do” with whatever was available or I’d improvise. Time has moved on and the ranges are amazing but I still think that I could do better (and cheaper) if I did it myself.

Is it time to let go of my inner practicalities and embrace the laissez-faire attitude to stash shopping?

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