Friday, 28 December 2007

Do you remember last year's resolutions?

This year seems to be flying past and we’ve only got a few more days left before we change over to 2008 – and I inevitably mess up a few cheques because I’ll use the wrong year on them. As it’s traditional, this time of year people will make well-intentioned resolutions and I am no exception. I still don’t really know what I want to promise I’ll do but I have a few days yet to come up with something.

Before I do, though, I want to look back on last year’s resolution – it was only one and I only came up with it sometime in mid-January but it still counts. Amazingly, I can still remember what it was and even more impressively, I have pretty much kept it. I’m talking of course about my running and the marathon coming up in Jan 08.

I can still remember the moment when the light bulb went on in my head and I decided that this was something I wanted to do. I had little idea of how much work would go into it but I had tons of determination. If there is one thing that I am, that is stubborn and there is nothing like others’ lack of faith to propel me forward.

So this year has definitely been filled with those that thought I would quickly forget this and move on to the next idea, or those that thought that there was NO WAY I would continue training once the weather turned horrible. Well, even though summer was non-existent, I still logged my miles and kept going. Even after a pretty disastrous half-marathon and the pounding that my self-belief took, I carried on. There have been way too many days when getting on my kit and running out the door has been hard work but I did it. There also have been those days when it’s been a joy to be out there, running, walking or whatever and to know that every step I take takes me closer to my goal of completing the WDW marathon next January.

The race is about two weeks away now and although I am pretty nervous I am also quietly confident – I know I can do it. I may not be a pretty sight at the end but I can do this and I WILL get my Mickey medal and show it off for… well, the rest of my life I guess. If I have to crawl on my hands and knees I will get to that finish line and I will claim my place as an athlete and a marathon finisher.

It will be pretty hard to come up with another New Year’s resolution that I can not only keep but even remember 12 months down the line… and no, I will not run the marathon next year. I need a break!

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