Thursday, 20 December 2007


Gosh – has it been nearly a month!?
As my three readers know, things have been a bit hectic lately but at least now my OU course is finished so that’s one less thing to worry about! I have, however, less than a month until the WDW marathon… yikes.
Training has been going well, at least until about two weeks ago. I had been managing to put in the 4 to 5 runs a week that I needed to do and my longer runs were getting longer and longer. Then a combination of poor weather-workload-life got in the way and I’m now lucky if I get in 3 runs a week.
But, I’ve been training diligently for nearly a year now so a few missed runs, in the grand scheme of things, are not a huge deal. Sure, I feel terrible because I ought to be trying my hardest to get these runs in but in reality I’ve done the bulk of the training and other than one very long run, I’m nearly at the taper.
There have been times when I question my sanity in running 42km, usually when I’m in the middle of a ridiculous 20k run in the rain, freezing cold. I must admit that there have been times when I didn’t think I could do it but deep down I have always known that I can do this: and I will.
I have even bought all my marathon scrapbooking embellishments for my album already so I gotta do the race now or else I won’t get to use them!
In a little over 3 weeks I will be joining 15,000 of my closest friends for some fun and frolics around the 4 Disney theme parks. I am still not sure what state I will be in when it’s all over (upright at least, I hope) but I do know that it will be an experience and in the end I will have learned something about myself.
Will I carry on running? Who knows. It does take time and effort, not to mention the right equipment and mental attitude. But in a small way I think I shall miss my little runs and my time alone.
Wish me luck!
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