Thursday, 7 February 2008

Like the desert misses the rain

I wasn’t able to go for a run yesterday or today, because of various (boring) reasons. And surprisingly to me – I actually miss it.

A year ago when I started running and training for the marathon, a missed day was at most, annoying, because it meant that I didn’t “tick the box” as it were, for that day’s scheduled program. I wasn’t so much irritated because I didn’t go running but more that I wouldn’t be able to fill my log in with some additional distance and time.

Flash forward to now and even though I’m not actually training for anything difficult (a 5k isn’t difficult is it?) I have had to find myself a new runner’s log because I need the focus. I found it weird to complete runs, no matter how short, and not be recording them somewhere.

But weirdest of all is that my annoyance at missed runs isn’t because I didn’t fill out the log but because I missed out on a run. I am now missing the actual run as opposed to missing the act of ticking a box or filling my log.

I miss running.

How weird is that? I am the girl that HATES running. The one that can’t run more than 5 minutes without gasping for breath. The one that think that running is something that should be done only when chased.

When did I begin to (dare I say it) like it? I actually DON’T enjoy the actual moment I’m out there, struggling and tired. I don’t like feeling like I should be doing so much better but at the moment this is all I can manage. So how can I miss all of that? I’ve always said that my favourite part of the run is when I stop and I still think that’s true. But at some level, somewhere, I am beginning to grow a certain fondness for getting my kit on and going for a run.

Maybe those endorphins are finally beginning to hit!

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Julie W. said...

Okay, the more and more I read about your running, the more and more I feel like a huge slacker. I use to run all the time when I was deployed and I lost a ton of weight and felt great. But since I've been home, so much has been going on, and I've fallen off the treadmill, so to speak. I am so envious of your passion and commitment, but also inspired!


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