Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sainsbury's vs. Marks & Spencer - the battle for nostalgia

It appears that the latest marketing trend is to look back nostalgically at the 'good old days'. For example, Sainsbury's latest TV ad is all about heritage and history. The theme is "Trying something new for 140 years" and takes the viewer on a visual journey across the company's main milestones in these years.

Marks & Spencer, a competitor, have a very similar campaign out there also, celebrating 125 years. In this TV ad they have Twiggy going back in time on a visual journey across the company's milestones in these years... sound familiar?

I wonder what the marketing teams in both companies think about these very, very similar campaigns!! I also note that both commercials include the mention of avocados and the claim of having 'introduced' them to the UK...

The ads are so similar that I wonder what happened there - coincidence or something more sinister?

Which one do you like best?


Shazza911 said...

Hmmmm...reminds me of A Bug's Life and Antz. I'm betting someone at one of the company's sold info to the other... big question is who sold out. Just a thought

MKScrappers said...

I much prefer the Sainsbury ads. Think it's because they are just plain and simple snapshots from the past. M&S have put too much polish on theirs. Rach x


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