Thursday, 14 May 2009

All about (my) running skirts

As I've said before, I have now discovered running skirts and this is probably the best thing to have happened to my running. Not only are they very practical, they make me look cute (at least I think so), come in great colors and are something a little bit different and more modest than running shorts. I love wearing them so much that sometimes I go out on runs even when I don't feel like it, just so that I can wear one of my lovely skirts! So I am a total convert and would urge anyone who hasn't tried them to do so.

I actually only have five running skirts (well, six really but more on that later) and I love them all for different reasons. Lots of people have been asking me about my running skirts lately so here is the quick guide to all my skirts and the different reasons I love them.

One of the first skirts I bought was this navy/aqua from have athletic skirts and running skirts - the difference being that athletic skirts have compression shorts underneath, while running skirts have spankies (yes, that is what they are called!) or briefs. I prefer their running skirt style because it makes layering easier. I tend to wear the skirts over capris or tights, and my favorites come from The top I'm wearing is one of my favorites and is from Under Armour. These skirts all have side pockets which are great for carrying keys, gels and even MP3 players so no more armbands for me, which is another great advantage.

I find that running skirts from are available in lots of great colors, so I just couldn't resist buying a few more. So I got the navy pumpkin (above) which I love to match with my Thoosa v-neck tee in this fantastic shade of blue (I think they call it ocean). This top is one of my favorites and I like it so much that I have two and I wore this when I ran the WDW marathon in 2008.

A lot of my running wardrobe tends to be blue for some reason - I didn't plan it that way but there is a lot of blue and black in there... but what about pink? It is one of my favorite colors so of course I had to get a pink skirt!

Again from, this one is the pink/sunset skirt, no longer available. You can just about see that the skirt is pale pink with a light orange panel on the side. It is a lovely combination and when paired with that pink top (an ordinary cotton top) it looks very nice. Still, I think I could do with another pink skirt someday, something a bit brighter... but anyway.

I also have one skirt from - the very amazing commitment skirt in carbon/orange:

This skirt is hands down the best skirt I run in. You will notice it has compression shorts underneath (in a fab shade of orange) and this is the one skirt I can actually wear without layering over tights if the weather is right, and not feel uncomfortable, chafe or have the shorts ride up. It fits so well and is incredibly comfortable, it is well worth the money. It also has pockets for essentials, one on each hip. Here I am wearing it with an ordinary cotton t-shirt in orange but it also looks great when paired with my long sleeve pink tech shirt from Thoosa.

You may have also noticed that there is something of an orange theme emerging... well, I have always liked the way blue looks with orange, they contrast very well together, so it is natural to have that color in my running wardrobe. But a bigger reason is that the folks over at
have chosen orange as the 'official' color so when t-shirts were created, they were in a VERY bright shade of orange! So of course I had to get a few skirts to match... The DR t-shirt looks fantastic with the carbon/orange skirt and with the navy/orange and also the pink/orange but it probably looks the best with my last skirt:

I told you the shirt was bright! It's great for being spotted when running outside, though. Anyway, the skirt is a New Balance one I picked up for almost nothing in the Sports Authority sometime last year, on one of my trips to the US. It has compression shorts underneath and even a small pocket on the hip, although as it's on the shorts (and not on the skirt as the others) it can be a bit uncomfortable when using it to hold my MP3 player because the cable gets a bit twisted with the skirt. But out of all my skirts this one is my favorite color and I love the fact that it is even a little 'flippy' when I run - makes me feel cute!

Those are my five skirts. There is, as I mentioned before, a sixth skirt - the very useful and highly recommended Fit Momma from This maternity running skirt was the most useful garment in my wardrobe for months and even now I still use it once in a while, as the extra-wide band can be folded down and provides some much needed support to my post-partum belly. In fact, this skirt is the only item of maternity wear that I have kept now that the baby is here and I plan to keep it for a little while longer. The only downside is that this skirt is only available in all black and I prefer my skirts to be bright colors.

So there you have it - everything you ever wanted to know about my running skirts. If you are a runner and haven't tried one, I suggest you do because once you run in a skirt you will never run in anything else!


Shazza911 said...

Running in fashion... I love it... you look great in them... I will be getting another one soon... the only running skirt I have is the fit momma and I love it, thanks to your recommendation of course!!

Jane said...

Great post -- I love your skirts and really love your running spirit. I just wish I could do it, but with my knees and ankles I'm just thankful I can walk!!! And don't do a very good job of that, in fact. But well done, Claudia.


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