Thursday, 7 May 2009

Who does she look like - 2.0

I've done this before but it's time to play the game again: who does Jessica look like? Because I'm biased and I think she looks like her brother, here is my evidence.

This is what Jessica looks like right now, at 3 months:

And this is what Samuel used to look like at the same age:

Very similar, don't you think? The same chin, same mouth, same nose and very similar eyes but Jessica does have bigger cheeks and her eyes look a bit more scrunched up. Also Samuel had bright blue eyes by this age whereas Jessica's are already turning sort of hazel (but they look brown on this shot). And of course Samuel was growing new, blonde hair by 3 months while Jessica still has her mop of brown curls.

Unfortunately there isn't a photo of me at that age (not that I know of anyway) but trust me on this one - Jessica looks like her brother! Or what do you think?


Lynsey said...

Still you.

Gin said...

Hmmm... I think there are similarities but she is definately more like you.

Shazza911 said...

Yeah, I can see how she does look like her brother in some regards, but I have to agree with the others, she looks more like you!!

Jane said...

Since I haven't actually seen you, I can't say...but I can say she's absolutely beautiful and that's a fact!


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