Tuesday, 2 February 2010

"Her name was Lola..."

Remember that course that I blogged about a while ago? Well, I signed up. I am now the proud owner of my very own U101 box and am on the initial part of what I hope is a journey of discovery. Already I am very impressed with the way the course is presented, the use of technologies like videos and podcasts, and the cool software we can download to share our work with other students.

The forums are already buzzing and officially the course hasn't even started! The course materials box has caused quite a stir among the students and there are even reports of some students going out and buying some of the items in the box (like masking tape, metal ruler, pencil, etc) so that they don't have to use the ones provided as they are so pretty... I bet some of those students are also scrapbookers and want to have some U101 stash to stroke :)

It's quite exciting to be on a course for its first presentation and I will try and blog about my experiences as I progress. My only worry right now is the fact that this course is so cool and could take up so much of my free time, that I'll end up struggling to juggle that and training for that half-marathon in September... I shall have to become the very image of multi-tasking!

PS. the title? It's a sort of in-joke among students of U101, can you tell why?


Sarah said...

have fun with this Claudia! I'm sure you will.

for years I have been itching to get back into academia, and have seriously considered OU. But of course the curse of a full time working single mum is the lack of time, money and energy :)

As soon as Connor is old enough, though, I am hoping to get some proper qualifications in something creative...I'm thinking textiles or jewellery.... one day :)

Shazza911 said...

Sounds like such a neat course!!


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