Sunday, 21 February 2010

Objects I love (as posted to U101)

As part of my Design Thinking course, I had to take photos of objects I like and then submit them to the Online Design Studio. They are intended to act as practice for taking and uploading photos which I already have lots of experience on… but I still took a while to do it. Why? I just couldn’t decide on only 3 objects to photograph!

In the end the three things I chose probably say a lot about me, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you and explain my choices further.

The first object that I chose was a Smart car. I chose this pretty quickly because it is something that has always made me smile. I used to own one and even though I have nothing against the car I have now, if I could I would go back to my Smart in a second.

The second object took a bit longer to pick. I was looking around the kitchen for inspiration and considered my blender (which I love but not THAT much), my slow cooker (which is great but let’s not get carried away) and finally settled on my Beaba Babycook.

I first got one when I had my first baby (of course) and quickly found out that this was probably the best way to make quick, healthy and cheap baby food. The little gadget steams, chops and defrosts vegetables so that you can quickly make baby food. It is also small, can fit in the cupboard, it’s easy to clean, it looks cute and is incredibly easy to use. Anyway, the gadget is amazing and even though it is expensive, it is well worth it. In fact, we carried on using the steamer even though the ‘baby’ was now a little boy as it was so useful for things like asparagus or small portions of veggies. Now with the new baby in the house it has once again come into use and once again I can rave about this useful little gadget.

The last item was proving difficult. As the course is all about design I wanted to choose an item that has made my life easier somehow because of the way it is designed. I thought of the obvious electronic gadgets (mobile, camera, MP3 player) but they weren’t exciting enough for me to ‘love’ them. I wanted something relatively simple but that has really made a difference to my life… and as I wandered around the house trying to get ideas I suddenly got inspired. Of course – a running skirt!

I have of course gone on and on about these things but they are truly objects that I love and that have changed my life. In my life before discovering these, I used to wear running clothes that were functional but didn’t make me look or feel good. Sure, some of the tops were cute but in general I didn’t love wearing any of that stuff. When I discovered running skirts I finally found an item that was still functional and had all the technical stuff for running but also made me feel pretty. Which meant I wanted to wear them a lot so I started running more. Which meant I got fitter and my life started to really improve. So when I say running skirts changed my life, they really did! But skirts aren’t only cute and functional – they are practical. Skirts usually have one (or two) pockets which are great for carrying the MP3 player, spare gels, keys and all those other little things that make running and life easier.

Once I uploaded my photos and thought about the choices I made, I realized that two out of these three items I’d already blogged extensively about so that validated my choices. It may seem superficial, it may seem a little materialistic but these three things are things I love, things that are well designed and things that bring a smile to my face.

What three things do YOU love?

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Shazza911 said...

Very neat!! And great choices!! It's because of your blogging that I ever got a running skirt in the first place. As for three items for me, probably my iphone, gps watch and camera. I love taking pictures so much!! And the iphone doubles as an ipod and has so many cool features I barely leave it long enough to charge it. And the gps watch, hey, that's for running, so I can analyze all my stats!! It might have been my red mittens, but they were stolen... or maybe the torch, yeah, that item is really neat and special and fun to take pictures with!!


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