Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The layout factory, where all layouts are simply okay

In an effort to try and get back to some sort of normality I’ve thrown myself into a great scrapbooking effort. Well, in reality I am a little behind (I am still working on Christmas photos – GASP!) and my OCD prevents me from scrapping my marathon photos until I complete older projects.

So I’ve spent a few evenings both at home and at crops trying to catch up and so far this year I haven’t done any layouts that I particularly like. I don’t mind them but they aren’t what I would consider my finest work. But at least the photos are selected, the pages completed and the memory recorded – which is what matters, right?

I am a bit advocate of getting the stories on paper and never mind about the artistic side of it… but still, at some level the pages should at least look nice! I think my latest pages are okay but I know I can do so much better. Is it because I’m sort of rushing, trying to finish these projects so that I can move on the meaty one? Is it because I haven’t bought any new stash in nearly a year and I’m (at some subconscious level) bored with it all? Is it because I’ve discovered that beading takes less time, makes less mess and is a bit easier to fit in a short time? Or is it simply a case of lost mojo and it will soon come back?

Lots of scrappers get scrappers block and it could be that I’m experiencing a mild case, except that I don’t ‘put it aside’ but rather carry on creating sub-standard work on the basis that it MUST be done. Is this good or bad? I don’t actually know – depends on why I scrap at all, I guess!

I shall carry on as I am simply because it suits my personality. I simply must carry on because I value the recording of memories more than the artistic value of an individual page but wouldn’t it be nice if suddenly my mojo decided to return and I could, once again, create moderately attractive pages?

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