Thursday, 3 January 2008

You've got a friend in me

In ten days I, along with 15,000 of my closest friends, will be running through all four WDW parks and hopefully have the time of our lives. It’s incredible to note that I’ve been waiting for this date to come for over a year now and it’s so close…

Recently my mind went back to those days in January 2007 when I decided that I wanted to do this, and started ploughing through the Internet hoping to find information on training and on the race itself. I found lots of accounts of people that have done the Disney marathon before, lots and lots of training plans and of course lots of advice for beginners.

I also found the Disney Running forum.

Now, I am a big forum user and regularly check in with UK Scrappers so I am well aware of the friendship and support that can be found on a friendly online forum. In the year that I’ve been visiting Disney Running I have constantly been amazed at how generous and kind people are, always offering support, advice and kind words. It is a great place to ask any question as there are lots of experienced runners in the forum and some seem to know everything there is to know about running at Disney.

There was a time in the summer when my confidence was flagging, when the training was getting tough and when I felt I wasn’t being supported by anyone in this endeavour. But that is when the kind folks over at Disney Running would make me feel stronger, better and definitely not alone.

I sometimes wonder if I would have made it this far without them! These are people that I’ve never met and probably would have never heard of if it wasn’t for the forum, yet I feel like I know so many of them - I feel their pain and I rejoice in their triumphs. It’s amazing what the Internet has made possible and I am very happy that I found these guys.

During the dark days there were a handful of people that thought I would never make it and would soon quit. But there were about a thousand others, all members of Disney Running that were right behind me and kept the pixie dust coming. I have to thank them for the incredible support I’ve received and I hope that, in ten days’ time, I can shake their hands and thank them in person for all their help.

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